Responsibility and accountability – even for the powerful – are rooted into the core of our legal system. This country’s founders knew that a democracy needs a court system that empowers people to protect themselves by holding the powerful to account. That’s why the Constitution guarantees each person the right to a trial by jury. The founders feared unaccountable power in the form of the King of England against his “subjects.” 21st Century America may not have a king, but it does have billion dollar corporations touching every part of every person’s life. These corporations now seek the kind of unaccountable power our founders sought to protect against, and they’re seeking that power by destroying your constitutional right to a trial by jury.

Politicians who are in the pockets of large corporations and insurance companies have devised a plan specifically aimed at destroying our right to hold those in power accountable for their misdeeds. Their plain is to enact laws that will all but destroy your right to use the judicial system to protect yourself. They have introduced bills which, if passed, will enact arbitrary changes to courts all across the country, including:

  • Limiting compensation for injuries caused by medical professionals, including doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and medical device manufacturers, to $250,000.00, regardless of how much that injury devastated your life or the extent of malfeasance by the medical professional or company;
  • Eliminating class-action law suits, which would essentially destroy the ability to bring the kinds of cases that keep us safe;
  • Eliminate Individual States Law regarding lawsuits and forcing all cases to Federal Court; and
  • Allowing insurance companies to make “payments” rather than paying full compensation.

We must tell our government to put people first and stop trampling on our rights. Phillips & Paolicelli has been protecting citizens of New Jersey and New York by demanding that everyone is treated fairly, regardless of gender, race, or economic status. Please join us in demanding that Congress do the same. We must ban together and contact our representatives to demand they say NO to these outrageous attacks on our rights. Go to each link below and tell them NO! You can join us and take action to protect Americans by going to the following websites:

Or, you could simply call your U.S. member of Congress or Senators in D.C. by dialing 202-225-3121 (or 202-224-3121 if busy). It’s even better to call their direct line. For Senators, find each of their numbers here. For the direct line to your member in the House of Representatives, click here.

Make sure to express your opposition to the following specific bills :

  • H.R. 725, the Innocent Party Protection Act (fraudulent joinder bill, which would make it more difficult to remand an improperly removed state case)
  • H.R. 720, the Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act (mandatory Rule 11 sanctions; will lead to satellite litigation)
  • H.R. 985, the Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act and H.R. 905, the Furthering Asbestos Claims Transparency Act rolled together into H.R. 985. This bill also affects mdls. (makes it difficult to certify class actions; one-sided discovery and fee restrictions for plaintiff attorneys; restrictive joinder provisions; and retroactive to pending cases.)

And, coming soon:

  • H.R. 1215, the Protecting Access to Care Act (caps non-economic damages at $250,000 regardless of the number of parties, the number of claims, or the theory of liability; eliminates joint liability for economic loss, caps fees, prohibits lawsuits against providers in product liability cases plus more; sweeping reform against healthcare lawsuits)

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