We Fight For You.

Phillips & Paolicelli, LLP represents injured children, workers, and individuals who have been harmed by poor medical care, exposure to toxins at home or work, and dangerous medical devices or pharmaceuticals.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Ensure that innocent victims of corporate and healthcare misconduct receive compensation that allows them to lead their lives with dignity and financial security; and
  • Deter corporate and healthcare misconduct so that others are not harmed in the future.

Much of the worst corporate and healthcare misconduct is cleverly concealed. Cancer and birth defects are not evident at the time of exposure. Families faced with these illnesses or conditions can be overwhelmed, and they are often ill-equipped to discover the truth and confront powerful companies. Because of this, harmful practices can go on for years — even decades — before they are discovered, challenged, and put to an end.

Phillips & Paolicelli, LLP was formed to take on and win these groundbreaking cases. We find the scientific and legal connections other professionals aren’t trained to see, and we are willing and able to blaze the trail into new legal territory.

The attorneys at Phillips & Paolicelli, LLP give voice and hope to the victims of corporate greed and negligence.  Through their voices, we work together to put an end to harmful corporate and medical practices.

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