Environmental Toxic Torts


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Environmental practices of irresponsible and negligent corporate actors wreak havoc on the lives of individuals, their families and all aspects of a community.

Whether toxins are discharged into the water, air, or soil, exposure can lead to severe physical injury and death, often complicated by the fact that the ultimate damage caused by the hazardous materials can be latent – only manifesting itself into cancer or other illness long after the toxic exposure. Pollution also results in substantial economic turmoil; in many communities victimized by corporate pollution, toxicity and the resulting stigma has rendered residents’ homes virtually unsalable.

Phillips & Paolicelli, LLP attorneys have experience spanning three decades building cases and proving that exposure to certain chemicals and substances caused our clients injuries. The attorneys at Phillips & Paolicelli, LLP have obtained successful results for our clients and their communities who have suffered physical or economic harm as a result of negligent or otherwise wrongful environmental practices of a variety of corporations and businesses throughout the United States.

In addition to the financial recoveries we seek, we also demand accountability from the corporate wrongdoers, with a focus on the larger picture of pollution cleanup and improved environmental standards in hopes of creating cleaner, safer communities.

To give an example of our efforts in this area, we are currently representing hundreds of current and former residents of the “Love Canal” community in Niagara Falls, New York, where over 21,000 tons of toxic chemicals were dumped, resulting in a vast array of terrible physical injuries. Please contact us if you would like to explore your rights relating to this or another environmental matter.

In addition, Phillips & Paolicelli is now investigating cases of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphona being caused by pesticides and herbicides sold throughout the United States. For more information, click here.

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